Армянское гражданство
Гражданство Армении

The Republic of Armenia is often among the countries considered for relocation. Many people not only think about temporary relocation, but also about a new permanent place of residence

In this case, it's not just about obtaining a residence permit status, but also about acquiring a new passport with the rights and obligations of a citizen of a new country. Another significant advantage of obtaining citizenship in the Republic of Armenia is that it's not necessary to renounce Russian Federation citizenship, as the two countries have signed a dual citizenship agreement

To become a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, one can:

  • have Armenian roots in their ancestry
  • have specific merits to Armenia, primarily related to investment
  • obtain a residence permit (Visa) which is possible through opening a business in Armenia (this form is the basis for applying for citizenship after 3 years) Essentially, a residence permit is currently the starting point for a citizen of the Russian Federation, Belarus, or another non-Armenian ethnic country, to obtain Armenian citizenship

Essentially, a residence permit is currently the starting point for a citizen of the Russian Federation, Belarus, or another non-Armenian ethnic country, to obtain Armenian citizenship

You can apply for a residence permit (Visa) even if you come to Armenia for the first time. A detailed application process and various ways of obtaining documents in Armenia are also described
Having a residence permit does not require you to stay in Armenia for 3 years, as the main way of applying for a residence permit in Armenia is through opening a company, or business, that you can run remotely
The most straightforward way to obtain a residence permit is to register as an individual entrepreneur (IE) in Armenia
What you do is not so important; both traditional business organized in Armenia and online entrepreneurship will be suitable.
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After obtaining a residence permit, after 3 years of work in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, you can apply for citizenship

Additional requirements for those applying for citizenship are:

There is no significant difference between operators
Basic knowledge of the Armenian language
There is no significant difference between operators
Armenian phone number
There is no significant difference between operators

Documents required for citizenship application

applications for citizenship
Russian passport, copy of passport
4 photos (35x45)
medical certificate
a certificate of permanent residency in Armenia for the past 3 years
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Of Armenian citizenship:

After obtaining citizenship, you can take advantage of excellent investment opportunities in the country and enjoy visa-free travel to many countries. Armenia has visa-free access to 61 countries, while Russia has visa-free access to 68 countries. Armenia is the only country, besides Belarus, where you can easily communicate in Russian everywhere from stores to government institutions

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Over 10 years of experience. We helped more than 900 companies and individual entrepreneurs relocate to Armenia
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Отсутствие требований к аренде офиса
100% право на собственность компании для иностранцев
Освобождение прибыли ООО от налогов в России
Услуги регистрации компании без физического присутствия учредителей/директора
Соглашение об избежании двойного налогообложения с 49 странами
0% налог для IT сферы
Отсутствие требований по годовому аудиту
Отсутствие ограничений по обналичиванию денег
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  • High quality of services and process automation
Compulsory military service

The only downside is that citizens aged 20 to 25 are required to serve in the military, which may not be suitable for some individuals. For those younger than 22, it is worth considering staying in Armenia for a few years with a residence permit only


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